About Dr. Whitney Hauser

Whitney Hauser

- Founder of Dry Eye Coach -

Dr. Whitney Hauser received her Doctor of Optometry degree in 2001 from Southern College of Optometry. She completed a postgraduate residency in Primary Care Optometry at the Southern College of Optometry in 2003.

Dr. Hauser served as Clinical Director and Research Coordinator at an ophthalmology referral center in Memphis, Tennessee. Dr. Hauser has authored many articles focusing on the management and treatment of ocular surface disease, and the practice management. She has been an invited speaker across the United States and internationally.

Dr. Hauser serves as Clinical Development Consultant for a nationally-known Dry Eye Center of Excellence. She is also founder and senior consultant for Signal Ophthalmic Consulting (SOC). SOC designs premier care plans for optometry and ophthalmology practices with an emphasis on dry eye care and cataract/refractive surgery. She specializes in increasing premium treatment conversions, staff integration and improvements in efficiency.

She serves on the boards of TearLab, RySurg, Paragon BioTeck, Science Based Health and 1800-DOCTORS. She, also, serves on the editorial board of Advanced Ocular Care. She, also, acts as a speaker or consultant for Allergan, Akorn, BioTissue, Lumenis, NovaBay, Shire, TearScience and Thermi.


Signal Ophthalmic Consulting


Signal Ophthalmic Consulting (SOC) was designed to bring practices to new heights through premium, high-touch care. SOC creates patient satisfaction that leads to true net promoters for your practice as well as higher conversions for elective procedures. Our consultants specialize in bringing practices from good to great.


Dry Eye Center of Excellence

Premium elective procedures

Dr. Hauser provides premium elective procedures at a renowned Dry Eye Center of Excellence. She is also integral in the research and development of innovative dry eye techniques. With over fifteen years experience in ocular surface disease, she brings a unique perspective to her patients and their care


Southern College of Optometry

Assistant Professor

In 2013, Dr. Hauser began her career in academia by joining the faculty of Southern College of Optometry as Assistant Professor. At SCO, she serves as a staff physician at The Eye Center and didactic instructor.

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