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Dry Eye in the Contact Lens Patient

[optinlocker] Dry Eye in the Contact Lens Patient Although there are myriad reasons why patients drop out of contact lens wear, ocular surface disease, and dry eye in particular, is a significant factor in many cases. At the same time, a diagnosis of dry eye does not have to mean the end of contact lens […]

Adding IPL: Does It Make Sense for Your DED Practice?

[optinlocker] Adding IPL: Does It Make Sense for Your DED Practice? Intense Pulse Light (IPL) is used in various applications in skin care, for instance, in hair removal and to yield collagen remodeling to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. More recently, evidence has emerged suggesting that IPL may also be beneficial for treatment of dry […]


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The Why and the How of Dry Eye Disease

[optinlocker] Hint: It all starts with passion. When I am talking about dry eye with colleagues, I often get two main questions: ‘why should I care about dry eye’ and ‘how do I get started?’ The first of those questions may be the easier one to answer: Because there is unmet need in the population […]
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