Dropping the Mic on Demodex: The Final Word by Dr. Bobby Azamian on Blepharitis

Posted By : Whitney

May 4, 2021

Dr. Whitley talks with Dr. Bobby Azamian, co-founder, president and CEO of Tarsus Pharmaceuticals, about a topic that we haven't addressed before on the Dry Eye Coach Podcast, which is addressing an unmet need for 25 million Americans: Demodex blepharitis.Tarsus is developing TP-03, which is a drug...

Incorporating Clinical Trials into Your Practice

Posted By : Whitney

February 2, 2021

Walt: Hi, welcome to Dry Eye Coach podcast. My name is Walt Whitley. Today we're going to talk about ways for practices to start running dry eye trials. Clinical research is a critical element to improving the options and solutions available for patients. For some practices, there are so many...

Innovators in the Dry Eye Space: Zac Denning, Dr. Tim Trinh, and Dr. Peter Pham

Posted By : Whitney

January 6, 2021

Walt Whitley: Hi. I’m Dr. Walt Whitley with Dry Eye Coach podcast. Thank you all for joining us. Today our topic will be a conversation with innovators in the dry eye space. Our guests include three key industry executives from small, innovative companies focused on dry eye. Our first guest is...

Incorporating the ASCRS Algorithm into Your Practice, with Dr. Jill Showalter, OD

Posted By : Whitney

November 23, 2020

Over the past several years, various algorithms seeking to simplify the diagnosis and treatment of DED have been developed. The ASCRS algorithm for the preoperative diagnosis and treatment of ocular surface disorders is the first one that is targeted specifically to surgical patients. Listen as Dry...

Fox News Anchor Shannon Bream Shares Her Dry Eye Story

Posted By : Whitney

September 2, 2020

Dr. Whitney Hauser: Hi, I'm Dr. Whitney Hauser, and thank you for joining us for Dry Eye Coach Podcast. Today I'm joined by Shannon Bream, who is the anchor of Fox News at Night. Welcome Shannon.S. Bream: Thank you so much for having me.Dr. Whitney Hauser:Absolutely. Absolutely. You're going to...

Managing Dry Eye: The Need for a Short-Term Treatment (Part 2)

Posted By : Whitney

August 3, 2020

Whitney Hauser: Hi. I’m Dr. Whitney Hauser with Dry Eye Coach Podcast. And today I am joined by Dr. Walt Whitley. Dr. Whitley is the director of Optometric Services at Virginia Eye Consultants. And he also oversees the Dry Eye Center there with some of his colleagues. So, welcome to our program...

Managing Dry Eye: The Need for a Short-Term Treatment (Part 1) with Dr. Paul Karpecki

Posted By : Whitney

July 23, 2020

Dr. Paul Karpecki discusses the identification and management of acute dry eye in clinical care. Patients treated for chronic dry eye disease may have flares triggering an increase in symptoms. Listen to Dr. Kapecki's perspective and practical pearls for managing these challenging cases in ocular...

Drs. Scott Hauswirth and Marc Bloomenstein discuss why meibography matters

Posted By : Whitney

May 13, 2020

Drs. Scott Hauswirth and Marc Bloomenstein discuss how meibography influences their diagnosis and treatment of dry eye disease. Learn why and how meibography makes a real difference in patient care. Dr. Whitney Hauser: Hi. I’m Dr. Whitney Hauser with Dry Eye Coach Podcast. Thank you for...