Dry Eye Boot Camp

Dryeyebootcamp.com wants YOU! Members of Dry Eye Coach® team will be there! Please join us at Dry Eye Boot Camp in Dallas on 11/3. Learn more about Dry Eye Disease in one day than you will all year! We will also cover the business of dry eye, the largest and most undertreated disease in eye […]
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How Prioritizing Dry Eye has Translated to Practice Success

  [optinlocker]   Dry eye often sits on the back burner of a busy medical-oriented optometry/ophthalmology practice like mine. Glaucoma and proliferative diabetic retinopathy dwarf seemingly smaller issues like ocular surface disease, right? Not if, like me, you’ve had a patient tell you that you saved their life by treating her dry eye. Dry eye […]


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Dr Melissa Barnett – Resources for Scleral Lenses

In this video, Dr. Barnett gives an overview of Scleral Lenses and provides resources for further exploration.  If you interested in adding scleral lenses to your practice or refining your technique, our coach and contact lens expert, Dr. Melissa Barnett will give you the information you need.

Dr Melissa Barnett – Preparing Dry Eye for Lens Wear

In this video, Dr. Melissa Barnett explains how to prepare dry eye for contact lenses, with a focus on regular cornea patients.
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