SYSTANE® Complete: Designed to Deliver Better Coverage*

Posted By : Whitney

11 January 2019

Kenneth A. Beckman, MD, FACS
Director of Corneal Surgery at
Comprehensive Eyecare of Central Ohio
Clinical Assistant Professor
of Ophthalmology

at The Ohio State University
Columbus, Ohio

Dr Beckman was compensated by Alcon for his participation in this blog post.

As many as 1 in 3 ophthalmic patients report at least one symptom of dry eye,1 which can adversely affect vision-related quality of life and productivity. 2-5

Dry eye is recognized as a condition with a multifactorial etiology that results in loss of homeostasis of the tear film.6,7 Identifying the major cause in each patient is essential, and published guidelines provide detailed steps on how best to distinguish between the major forms of dry eye.7,8 However, diagnosis can be complicated because dry eye often has multiple, overlapping causes.7-9 In such cases, addressing only one cause may not provide meaningful relief. A simple solution to this complicated problem is to recommend SYSTANE® Complete, an artificial tear formulated to support tear film integrity in all major types of dry eye.6,10-11

SYSTANE® Complete contains a demulcent that forms a soothing, moisturizing film over the ocular surface, and HP-guar, a non-ionic polymer that becomes a gel upon instillation, that helps retain the demulcent on the ocular surface.12 SYSTANE® Complete contains tiny nanodroplets with greater surface area to provide more lubrication per drop.*12,13 Rapid delivery of these nanodroplets across the ocular surface results in better coverage* and fast hydration, and locks in moisture for long-lasting relief.12,14 Moreover, it is designed to reduce blur, due to its nanodroplet formulation.9,13 With its unique formulation, SYSTANE® Complete simplifies the choice for patients and practitioners because it provides relief for all major types of dry eye, supports the tear film and protects against tear evaporation – it’s one simple choice for optimal dry eye relief.11,14