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Dry Eye Protocol for any Practice

Optometrists see a large disparity between the prevalence of dry eye disease and the number of patients who are treated.1 ODs know that they need to jump in with both feet, but that’s easier than it sounds. Doctors attend dry eye courses offered at just about every meeting, and many may feel paralysis of analysis. They […]

Dry Eye Boot Camp

Dryeyebootcamp.com wants YOU! Members of Dry Eye Coach® team will be there! Please join us at Dry Eye Boot Camp in Dallas on 11/3. Learn more about Dry Eye Disease in one day than you will all year! We will also cover the business of dry eye, the largest and most undertreated disease in eye […]

How Incorporating Dry Eye has helped my Practice

Jade Coats, O.D. Kicking up the management and treatment of dry eye disease in my practice is first and foremost, beneficial to the patient. Simply by incorporating additional screening questions into the standard workup, my technicians have been taught to identify a dry eye patient from a mile away. Once we started listening to a […]
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