Implementing IPL in Your OD Practice

Dr. Whitney Hauser welcomed Douglas K. Devries, OD, to the Dry Eye Coach Podcast, where he offered some very practical tips for bringing intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy into an...

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Whitney Hauser Interview Pioneering expert Neel R. Desai,...

At the Dry Eye Coach Podcast, we recently sat down with pioneering expert Neel R. Desai, MD, to discuss his views on dry eye’s present and future. Dr. Desai is the Director of...

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Dry Eye Disease after Refractive Surgery

This study compared small incision lenticule extraction (SMILE) versus LASIK for post-refractive dry eye disease. The SMILE procedure has a less pronounced impact on the ocular...

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Lagophthalmos — Why It Develops and How It’s Treated

This article discusses why lagophthalmos develops and how it is treated. There are different complications associated with Lagophthalmos such as nocturnal lagophthalmos that is...

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Lessons on Lupus in the Eye

Lupus involves several ocular manifestations. There are certain things one wants to look for when performing an eye examination. Things such as episcleritis, uveitis vascular...

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TLCs of the Difficult Patient
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Acute Dacryocystitis 28Aug 2016
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Dr. Whitney Hauser received her Doctor of Optometry degree in 2001 from Southern College of Optometry. She completed a postgraduate residency in Primary Care Optometry at the Southern College of Optometry in 2003.

Dr. Hauser served as Clinical Director and Research Coordinator at an ophthalmology referral center in Memphis, Tennessee. Dr. Hauser has authored many articles focusing on the management and treatment of ocular surface disease, and the practice management. She has been an invited speaker across the United States and internationally.

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