Practice Commitment & Engagement

DRY EYE COACH PRACTICE GUIDELINES & CONSIDERATIONS provide a framework to develop a Dry Eye service through a variety of diagnostic and treatment options

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LEVEL I is ideal for a practice interested in treating Dry Eye Disease more aggressively. This level requires minimial investment in technology to initiate entry level diagnostics and treatment. LEVEL I acts as a foundation for building a Dry Eye-focused service within a practice.

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LEVEL II is designed to elevate Dry Eye care in a practice with a foundation.
This level requires initial investment in technology and prioritization of staffing to engage Ocular Surface Diease.
acts as an intermediate stage.

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LEVEL III offers a wide variety of innovative diagnostic and treatment options. This level requires the highest level of practice involvement and investment. LEVEL III practices care for internal patients and may act as referral centers for other doctors at LEVEL I and II.

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